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“Buy everything you need for satellite TV installation.
In our online store, we are specialized in satellite TV. The satellite world is little known among users of terrestrial DTT terrestrial television, but it is a very interesting and accessible world. With a satellite dish pointing to the sky and a satellite receiver, you already have the basics to start watching channels both national and international channels.
TV signal mixers
Buy terrestrial and satellite signal mixers
Mixers are passive elements that are used in the installation to perform the mixing by a single cable of different types of signals. There are mixers for mixing the terrestrial signal (usually DTT), with the satellite signal (parabolic antenna signal), mixers to mix only signals from terrestrial antennas, such as a DTT antenna and a radio antenna and other types of mixers.

What signal mixer do I use?
When buying a mixer, we have to know what types of signal we want to mix and think if we are going to leave it installed outside or inside, in case you need a waterproof case to leave it on the outside or choose a model you have its box already included.

In our online store, we have a multitude of signal mixers at the best prices.”