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“In the past some time, we have not been able to experience the rapid development of studio and recording: the recording tools are getting smaller, lighter, more powerful and less expensive, and we will not be able to predict where this journey is going becomes. The musician can only rejoice because he gets as much value for his euro as never before. But despite the constantly increasing computing power of the music PCs and DSP chips and increasing virtualization: analog is still not only extremely attractive but also in the third millennium necessary. Finally, the sound is to be converted during recording as well as during playback.
We have everything that one needs for good recording studios and musical production, a large selection processors, monitors, DAW controllers, digital and analog mixers. At GulfMatjar you can test and compare all the equipment, we let you choose carefully, and your purchase is complete.
Discover an exceptional selection of studio and recording equipment from leading professional audio equipment such as Universal Audio, Focusrite, and Native Instruments.
Expect to find microphones and interfaces for portable or start recording, high power audio equipment and studio monitors such as KRK, Yamaha, and SubZero.
Whether you are looking for signal processors, a new mixing console or the latest music software, you will always find the best to make your recording perfect on GulfMatjar
Everything for her studio
The dream of every person who loves music is a studio equipment. A room or cellar where you can build a home studio is often available. In the case of professional studio equipment, the financial expenditure is rather the problem. At, we offer all types of recording and studio equipment so you can conveniently buy studio equipment. Here you buy branded products at reduced prices.
With the low prices on, you can gradually to your buy all types of recording equipment to make your home studio complete. Depending on the kind of recording, you will need various accessories for the home studio. ”