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“A projector is a versatile tool for both home and professional use since you can use it to project films at home or to make presentations at work. When buying a projector, you have to take into account the use you want to give and depending on that technology, power, resolution, projection size and connectivity. The technology can be LCD or DLP. LCD-technology is the most common and stands out for its brighter results, brighter colors and better saturation although the images are sometimes pixelated, and the lamp life is limited.
GulfMatjar offer projectors that are is ideal for office environments thanks to its excellent contrast level. They do not need any maintenance, and they have a more useful life, but they are more expensive. Power is measured in brightness lumens. Home projectors need less brightness than office projectors in which you should see what is projected even with the light on. The resolution refers to the sharpness and quality of the projected image. The resolution is measured in pixels and higher pixels better image quality. The screen size is measured in inches and the more inches the projected space is. As for the available connections, the most common to connect to a PC or notebook are HDMI, DVI or VGA. Some have USB port or card reader to play the material directly from a pen drive, external disk or memory card. As an alternative to projectors.”