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“Whether for performance, a conference or to encourage your parties, and because we think you all have the right to enjoy, in this session you will find the necessary microphones and megaphones. Not only have they stood out for their excellent quality, but also because like all the products that you can find in our online store, they are at the best price in the UAE.
Microphones for all occasions
GulfMatjar microphones or headband to make a presentation, or set of two if there is more than one person involved. If you dedicate yourself professionally to the world of the song, then you will be interested in a catalog of dynamic microphones or karaoke of GulfMatjar. However, if you are going to perform choreographies that imply that you move around the stage, perhaps it is preferable to use a wireless if you are an aerobic monitor. We also have diadem or mini amplifier. If precisely the lack of cables is what gives you more comfort, then you may also want to check our offer of wireless speakers. Remember that systems without wiring do not imply a loss in sound quality, you can check with our microphones. And following with the wireless equipment,
Wireless microphones so that nothing stops you
Do you have to participate in a conference? Are you a cheerleader or a sports monitor? Are you a singer and you like to move with total freedom on the stage? In our online store, you can find wireless microphones at the best price. In addition to a selection of sets consisting of one or two microphones and their corresponding receiver, as we know that each situation requires a different microphone, we have sets composed of two handheld microphones that can be perfect for a party where you want to encourage people. Connecting it to your DJ set, one hand and the other with its headband with its corresponding flask, and up to a set that includes four microphones, which you can enjoy together with incredible lighting effects programmed through one of our DMX control, always the best Price at
Sets at not only include wireless microphones, If not many of them are delivered with a carrying case and all the cables necessary to make the connections as soon as your order arrives. Regarding scope, we know that it is also crucial to consider when contemplating the idea of using this type of microphones, that is why we offer wireless microphones with a range of 30 to 100 meters; we also have wireless lapel microphones.”