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“Contemplate the headphones at your disposal in this virtual catalog. Here you can buy headphones from brands like Philips, Monster Cable or Sennheiser, among others, at an unbeatable price and get in delivered at any place in UAE.
GulfMatjar Headphones – To enjoy the highest sound quality
Looking for good headphones to enjoy the optimum sound and with the most comfort? Well, do not despair, in this category you can find what you need.
The range of headphones offers is not only complete in design and colors but also in sound clarity, always with the best value for money. You can find stereo headphones for your home use: to use with your home cinema, listening to audio guides, or your professional sound equipment; And for professional use: while performing your sessions if you are a DJ, or in your recording studio. We have in-ear earphones and helmets, so you can choose which style is more comfortable for you. And within these two types, the variety of colors and designs so that you find in them a way to express yourself, as well as a way to enjoy your music with the highest quality. The outstanding qualities of headphones are, for example, their sensitivity of 104 dB ± 3 dB,
Your stereo headphones are a complement to your image, and because we know, we offer you a multitude of designs and colors so you can choose the style that best suits you. Buy the best ones online and get them delivered across Dubai.
Wireless headphones
Do you want to enjoy the best sound of your home cinema 5.1 while watching a movie but the others need silence? We also have the solution: wireless stereo speakers, and all happy.
How to do your sessions without DJ headphones?
It is impossible! You need your DJ headphones to be able to listen to the songs before the public can hear them and to make a smooth and clean transition, so in Electronic Star you can find a comprehensive catalog of DJ helmets of all colors, sizes, and prices. ”