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“The eReaders use electronic ink screens, and because of this, the reading is very natural transmitting sensations similar or superior to those produced by reading a book in paper format.
Also, if you have to read a lot of time visual fatigue will be much lower compared to reading the same text on a tablet, mobile phone or on a computer. Your eyes will be less tired and thank you.
The eBook allows you to focus on reading
Who has not ever happened to read and call the phone or the door? Well, that will happen if you use a tablet to read. The eBook only serves to read, so you will not be tempted to stop to consult an email or update your Facebook profile. This which at first does not seem important is and I personally when I want to introduce myself to a book and enjoy it use the eBook. Just like to see a good movie it is best to go to a movie theater. You can watch it on your TV, but it’s not the same. This is the main reason that I have to buy eBooks
Some eReaders have light to be able to read at night, but it is emitted from the sides to the screen, not to the eyes like the tablets or the mobiles, so the eye fatigue is minimal. They also do not emit the dreaded blue light of tablets and mobiles that alter melatonin levels, disrupting sleep cycles.
Perfect platform to buy an eBook Reader is an ideal platform for people who are looking for the best and affordable eBook readers in Dubai. ”