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“Do you love nature and need an instrument of terrestrial vision? Did you just save to go d and money for this purchase but do not know what choice to take? Are not you very clear if you choose between binoculars or a ground-based telescope?
Do you prefer binoculars?
Without a doubt, the first point in favor that stands out in front of a telescope is the purchase price. The huge range of makes and models allows you to choose from hundreds of products at different prices. Binoculars with a medium, optical quality can cost you around € 250, something more than acceptable, considering the durability that usually accompanies these vision instruments.
The compact and compact size of the binoculars makes it 100% portable. Therefore, they are perfect for travelers, hikers, observers of animals and birds, active people and who do not stop still for a moment, and any activity in nature that requires a lot of movement.
To avoid the common neck pain, they produce with their leash; there is even a kind of harnesses that run down the back and distribute the weight on the shoulders. You will not even notice them!
Are you determined to buy a ground-based telescope?
There are situations, such as those described above, in which you need a closer approach. The telescope offers you increases of 60x or even more.
Their strength of approach allows observing species sensitive to the human presence, like cranes or eagle, from distances prudent and respectful. As more people become attached to sightings of animals and the field, it is increasingly important to make observations without disturbing and producing stress on wildlife.
For any avid “”bird”” its optical equipment can make a big difference between a positive or negative experience: a beautiful sight and a definition and detail never before dreamed, or a moment lost and cannot recreate again. Let’s face it, we all like to see the feathers or the eye of the rapacious one in front of us.
No wonder therefore that terrestrial telescopes are gaining popularity and terrain in nature enthusiasts. A small instrument, for terrestrial observations and used to beat binoculars in increases. Powerful and elegant, this tool ensures optimal sightings (almost) always!
We offer High precision frames for fans looking for the best results in astrophotography. From transportable mounts to frames with a load capacity of 150 kg.”